Bringing Your Voice Forward

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I lost the general election on November 6, 2018 to Republican incumbent, Crystal McIntyre. I believe that I can still be District 2's voice to bring forth and successfully address the issues for District 2 that have been ignored by the Warren County Supervisors for years.

Together we can be a voice of progress to bring about positive changes to rural Warren County.

From my campaign to become a Warren County Supervisor, these were issues that residents of District 2 brought to my attention:

1.  A  full forensic audit of the last 10 years of Warren County income and expenditures.

This is to make sense of why our current buildings and roads infrastructure is crumbling, why basic maintenance that could've prevented this decay did not happen, and just who benefited from 10 years of county property tax reductions and awards of outsourcing contracts.

2. Immediate termination of all outsourced contracts for janitorial, maintenance and lawn care/snow removal services.

We can actually save taxpayers as much as 50 percent in bringing these jobs back as county employees with benefits. 

For example, the recent $156,000 per year janitorial service contract — $600.00 per day — can be reduced by 50 percent by hiring two full-time janitorial staff at $15 per hour with benefits. A third janitor may be added once the new courts and law enforcement center is built and operational.

3. Build the already funded roads maintenance complex and give our county roads engineer the budget they need to properly repair and maintain Warren County's 880 miles of roads and bridges.

Either tear down and rebuild the over 90-year-old road maintenance facility in Indianola or build a new facility on the land acquired for it on Nevada and US 65/69.

Immediately fund from reserves the $2 to $4 million needed to bring all of our county roads and bridges to safe driving standards. From gravel to overlaying, repaving, etc..

Fix our horrible roads now !

4. Keep the Courthouse Law Enforcement Center, which is being funded by a taxpayer approved bond referendum, within the 31.2 million dollar budget without cutting corners or eliminating necessary office space to effectively and efficiently operate the facility.

Hire County staff to maintain the new facility so that it is still standing and operational a century from now; unlike the previous 2 WarrenCounty  courthouse/jail buildingd that had maintenance ignored and caused them to be condemned.

5. Allow ALL Warren County communities a seat at the planning and economic development table. Rural Warren County has a lot to offer. Indianola, Norwalk, and Carlisle are not the only communities in Warren county, however, they seem to call the shots that benefit them while ignoring the rest of the County.

An Introduction

Don D. Davis

I'm Don Davis, age 59.

I am a disabled broadcast audio engineer.

Arlene, my wife if almost 25 years, and I live in rural Warren County northeast of Indianola about 2 miles west of Summerset Winery.